In life, there are two types of people. Those who strive to keep up with the game and those who reinvent the game. Gamechangers.
You won’t see the change coming until it’s there. Present, in full force. And all of the followers race to adapt and ride the new wave.
Dim Mak. Meaning: Touch of Death. 
In Chinese martial arts fiction, Dim Mak is depicted as a secret body of knowledge with techniques that attack pressure points and meridians, enabling the attacker to inflict immediate or delayed death to the opponent with a swift touch of the palm. According to speculation, Bruce Lee’s death in 1973 may  have been caused by a delayed reaction to a Dim Mak strike he received several weeks prior to his death. Many books have been written on the curious technique, and rumor has it a select few kung fu practitioners know its secrets.
When Steve Aoki created Dim Mak back in his sophomore year of college as an outlet to release music from bands he was passionate about, he had a vision that extended far beyond just a record label. He had a vision for the future of the music industry. It was a gamechanger.
Today, Dim Mak is not only an internationally respected record label with a prominent artist roster, but also a lifestyle brand aiming to reinvent the game in the areas of records, events, and fashion.
At Dim Mak Shop, we’ve created an exclusive selection of tees, tanks, hoodies, and our recent Up All Night collection, which reflects the power of the Dim Mak lifestyle. Be a gamechanger in your Dim Mak threads wherever you are as you boldly seek to make your dreams a reality. FUTURE PARTY ON, kids.